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And community activists: In 2008, county newcomers Bob and Pat Carpenter tapped into their Rolodexes. Not everyone has jumped at the chance to serve. Ive been turned down a few times because it is a lot of work, Donovan says. In March, snow still on the ground, the Donovans approached the Kullens. I asked Sue and Steve because Sue is well-known, they both travel in different circles and they are both hard workers. The Kullens did not hesitate at least visibly. It is an absolute honor to be asked, says Sue. We immediately accepted the challenge. Her only concern was the amount of work that came with the honor. Being honorary chair is more than photo ops and the occasional meet and greet. And this year, Sue is busy with another big job.

Fine woven jacquard OR WRAP. 55 % PASHMINA 45 % SILK. Most of them have dangled tassels, DIFFERENT colons. “New” refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, business and work hard to make sure it shows. Perfect fashion accessory 100% polyester. Great for all seasons fashion scarf / wrap / stole / kerchief / headscarf one-step shop for all of your scarf and accessory needs, offering a variety of styles, colons, and patterns. BEAUT IFUL PASHMINA CAN BE SCARVES. 100 % CASHMERE MADE IN Scotland. YOU WILL GET 11 PC OF scarves that represent the same level of passion and pride the fans have for their team

“New” refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, for more than 10 years, we are here to help your business thrive. Display your scarf for all seasons, party shawl, stole, headscarf, evening Dr... YOU WILL GET 6 PC OF These scarves, and infinity scarves are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our expanse choices! Our staffs will choose have the best possible shopping experience with us. The fine wool comes from the undercoat of Himalayas mountain either side. Our fast and secure checkout, speedy delivery, hassle-free return policy, and 100% satisfaction wholesale handbags and fashion accessories. Trend... and shawls at a discounted price if purchase in bulk, from 8-18% OFF!!   Orders except A, HI and PRLimited Time Only on-line Wholesale minimum order $100 {'YO-SS-004-BG':{'media_imgs':'SS004-BG.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-BG.LPG', 'colon': 'Beige', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-BG/M':{'media_imgs':'SS004-BGM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-BGM.LPG', 'colon': 'Beige / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-BL/BK':{'media_imgs':'SS004-BLBK.jag', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-BLBK.jag', 'colon': 'Blue', 'matrix_priority': '13', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-BL/G':{'media_imgs':'SS004-BLG.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-BLG.LPG', 'colon': 'Blue / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-LM/CD':{'media_imgs':'SS004-LMRD.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-LMRD.LPG', 'colon': 'Green', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-LM/GN':{'media_imgs':'SS004-LMGN.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-LMGN.LPG', 'colon': 'Light Green', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-LM/M':{'media_imgs':'SS004-LMM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-LMM.LPG', 'colon': 'Lime / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-LV':{'media_imgs':'SS004-PP.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-PP.LPG', 'colon': 'Lavender', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-PK/BK':{'media_imgs':'SS004-PKBK.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-PKBK.LPG', 'colon': 'Pink colon', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-DPP':{'media_imgs':'SS004-D-PP.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-D-PP.LPG', 'colon': 'Purple', 'matrix_priority': '15', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-WT':{'media_imgs':'SS004-WT.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-WT.LPG', 'colon': 'White', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-YL/BR':{'media_imgs':'SS004-YLBR.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-YLBR.LPG', 'colon': 'Yellow', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-YL/BK':{'media_imgs':'SS004-YLBK.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-YLBK.LPG', 'colon': 'Yellow / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-PK':{'media_imgs':'SS004-PK.jag', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-PK.jag', 'colon': 'Pink', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-LM':{'media_imgs':'SS004-PP.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-PP.LPG', 'colon': 'Lime', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-BG':{'media_imgs':'SS011-BG.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-BG.LPG', wholesale accessories for women 'colon': 'Beige', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-BG/M':{'media_imgs':'SS011-BGM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-BGM.LPG', 'colon': 'Beige / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-BL':{'media_imgs':'SS011-BL.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-BL.LPG', 'colon': 'Blue', 'matrix_priority': '1', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-BL/M':{'media_imgs':'SS011-BLM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-BLM.LPG', 'colon': 'Blue / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-LM':{'media_imgs':'SS011-LM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-LM.LPG', 'colon': 'Light Green', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-LM/M':{'media_imgs':'SS011-LMM.jag', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-LMM.jag', 'colon': 'Lime / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-LV/M':{'media_imgs':'SS011-LVM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-LVM.LPG', 'colon': 'Lavender / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-PP':{'media_imgs':'SS011-LV.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-LV.LPG', 'colon': 'Purple', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-YL':{'media_imgs':'SS011-YL.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-YL.LPG', 'colon': 'Yellow', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-YL/M':{'media_imgs':'SS011-YLM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-YLM.LPG', 'colon': 'Yellow / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-FS':{'media_imgs':'SS011-PK.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-PK.LPG', 'colon': 'Fuchsia', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-002-BG':{'media_imgs':'SS002-BG.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS002-BG.LPG', 'colon': 'Beige', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '2.50'}} {'YO-SS-002-BL':{'media_imgs':'SS002-BL.jag', 'default_small_img': 'SS002-BL.jag', 'colon': 'Blue', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-002-BL/M':{'media_imgs':'SS002-BLM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS002-BLM.LPG', 'colon': 'Blue / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-002-LM':{'media_imgs':'SS002-LM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS002-LM.LPG', be repeated.